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Backed by the expertise of various technicians with extensive handling sector experience, the FLUID AIRSYSTEMS engineering company was established in 1993 in Maranello (Italy) for the purpose of designing and selling powdered raw material handling, weighing, batching, mixing and storage systems and, in particular, innovative pneumatic conveyor systems equipped with specific accessories.

The company continued to develop and expand and, in 1994, the original technicians were joined by two well-known researchers from the fluid-dynamics institute at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany). Thanks to more than thirty years of sector-related know-how, FLUID AIRSYSTEMS developed innovative, high-performance systems.

Initially active in the fine chemicals and paint-dye factory sectors, the company expanded its operations into the fields of ceramics, plastics, foods and pharmaceuticals.

In 2004, to provide customers with increasingly greater reliability and quality assurance, FLUID AIRSYSTEMS created a testing laboratory for analysing individual materials in order to identify their chemical-physical characteristics. In addition, a variable-geometry pilot plant with a length of 60 metres was built to test materials for optimising the performance of pneumatic conveying systems.

In this manner, customers can physically track their material as it “travels” along the line, determining its optimum conveying conditions. Do you know how does a pneumatic conveying system work? CLICK HERE!
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